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In addition to my custom framing services, I can handle every aspect of the preparation and display of canvases, including printing, stretching, float-framing and even the preparation of blank canvases for artists.


I use pine stretcher bars, assembled with the same solid construction as my frames and reinforced with corner and/or cross braces for larger pieces. My standard bars come in 32mm x 32mm or 40mm x 18mm sizes but heavier stretchers are available if required. 


Many of the canvases I see these days are quite fragile and sometimes prone to tearing or cracking at the edges. For this reason, I use stretching pliers sparingly, if at all, when preparing canvases for display by collectors. Canvases are stapled at the rear, perpendicular to the edge to provide a greater hold and reduce the likelihood of slipping over time and the corners are gallery-wrapped.


Stretched canvases can be hung on the wall as is or, for a more finished and contemporary look, can be installed in a float frame. My float frames are made from the solid Tasmanian Oak as my standard frames and can be stained to any colour. Custom profiles can also be made upon request.


I can carry out minor repairs if required such as patching holes, steaming to remove buckling, and strip-lining to stretch canvases which have become too fragile or are painted too close to the edge to safely wrap. I have also done simple restoration work in collaboration with my wife Amy, who is a talented and experienced painter in her own right. 

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