Premium quality custom framing to suit any budget.


Examples of my recent work can be found here.

A piece of art or memorabilia of any value, be it financial or sentimental, should be protected by a high-quality frame. I specialise in making unique, conservation-grade frames for artists and collectors.


I am fully conversant in the latest conservation techniques and contemporary presentation styles and can tailor my services to suit almost any budget. Although quality custom framing requires high-quality materials, it needn’t cost a fortune so long as a few basic principles are adhered to.


My standard frames are made from the Tasmanian Oak and are available in any colour or tone you require using my own custom stain mixes. I can colour match to suit any tones within the artwork itself or to match the décor in which it to be hung.

Works are held in place with water-release adhesive tabs. I DO NOT use glue or double-sided tape when mounting artwork and everything I do is both fully reversible and done with the long-term preservation of the artwork in mind.

All mats and backing boards are acid-free and all my frames are fitted with 99% UV-resistant, conservation grade glass which will protect the work from fading for a lifetime. Non-reflective glass and acrylic are also available.


For something special I can also produce unique hand-crafted custom mouldings in contemporary or traditional styles using reclaimed or exotic timbers.

In addition to my standard framing services, I also stretch and frame canvases, create custom mirrors and offer a mat cutting service.


I can also repair or retrofit vintage frames with replacement mats or glass to house new works or simply bring an old frame up to the latest conservation standards.