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Made To Last

If you're looking for a Christmas gift idea for the artisan in your life, or if you simply have an appreciation for craftsmanship and would like to learn some new skills, I highly recommend a recent release from Hardie Grant called Made To Last.

Made To Last by Vanessa Murray, a compendium of artisans, trades and projects

The author, Vanessa Murray, has profiled 50 artisans from around the world, describing their tools, working processes and even offering DIY projects. The book covers a broad range of trades, from bakers to taxidermists, beekeepers to tattooists. There's even a picture framer.

My handcrafted conservation frame in Made To Last

In my profile I talk a bit about what goes into a simple, hand-made frame. The frame in question, which features a chamfered profile with a simple bead, was made entirely with hand-tools from recycled timber and joined with hand-cut splines. I also describe how you can install artwork into a frame yourself using conservation techniques.

Amy Duncan in Made To Last

Amy was also profiled in the book. She talks about her working processes, tattoo aftercare and how to select a design for a tattoo.

You never know how these things will turn out when you agree to participate, but we were both extremely happy with the result and honoured to be included among the incredible array of talented people profiled in the book. In keeping with artisans and tradespeople featured within, the book itself is lovingly produced and of the highest quality. It is available from most good booksellers or you can order online here.

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