For many artists, the cost of framing can be a barrier to exhibiting their work. It is possible to save money by using low-quality, prefabricated frames from big-box stores or by forgoing framing all together, but the money saved invariably comes at the cost of visual appeal. The frame always says something about the piece inside it, and a cheap frame will only diminish the value of your art.

My unique frame rental service can halve the framing cost of a 4 week exhibition. 

Even if price is not a strong consideration, perhaps you lack the space or inclination to keep your unsold works in frames after an exhibition. Or maybe your pieces live in a variety of mis-matched vintage frames and you'd simply prefer a more uniform, contemporary look for your exhibition.

Of course, rental frames are not just suited to artists but can be useful for anyone requiring the short term display of art of photography, from exhibitors at trade shows to individuals who wish to add a little extra decoration to their homes prior to sale.

My rental frames are made to the same high standards as my custom conservation frames and are available at standard gallery sizes in soap, walnut or black finishes. All are fitted with 99% UV resistant glass and acid-free boards. They also come with a purchase price, which can be factored into your own pricing if you wish to sell your work framed.

Email me for a price list.

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