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Picture framing was historically an artisinal trade, and it saddens me to see it reduced to just another strip-mall service, almost completely divorced from any sense of artistry or pride in a race to the bottom on price as tradespeople struggle to compete with the disposable offerings of the big-box retailers. Not every piece requires 

My unique custom mouldings are made to order and hand-crafted from either Tasmanian Oak, which can be coloured with my own custom stain mixes, or any timber you desire, and finished with oil, beeswax or shellac.

My mouldings are created with vintage hand-planes, meaning traditional design elements such as beads, flutes, ovolos and cavettos can be combined in any arrangement to create an endless array of distinct but timeless styles suitable for picture frames, mirrors, or cabinetry. Because the principles and language involved in the composition of traditional mouldings, being an inheritance from the ancient world, can be somewhat arcane at times, I'm more than happy to talk you through the process, or you can choose from a range of my own designs.

I can also create non-traditional or clean, contemporary styles from exotic or reclaimed timbers, including live-edge frames.

I also offer a chop service for other framers and hobbyists, producing pre-mitred lengths to size. Please note that since my mouldings are created to order, a lead time of at least two weeks, or more in the case of exotic timbers, is required. Feel free to contact me for more information or a free quote.

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